(The Whale that swallowed Austria)


Fri Sep 7 – Sat Sep 8 and Tue Sep 11 – Sat Sep 15, 2018: 6.00 + 7.30 + 9.00 pm

Sun Sep 9 +  Sun Sep 16., 2018: 11:00 + 1:00 pm

MuseumsQuartier Wien, MQ Roof, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna

Ticket reservation:; by phone (from Aug 27): 0676-729 77 66

The Moby Dick Joy Ride

Some years ago, tired and disappointed by the way Hollywood has treated him, Friedrich von Ledebur, the renowned Austrian actor, decided to return to his homeland. He had enough of acting evil Nazis in B movies, and assorted weirdos on the small screen.

Looking to cash in on his minor celebrity status, in his native Austria, Friedrich von Ledebur decided to build an amusement ride inspired by his most cherished role, the laconic cannibal Queeqeg in the movie Moby Dick by the director John Huston.

Following the action-packed movie Ledebur built a joy ride that takes the visitors through a rollercoaster journey via imaginary exotic islands, modelled after the nine Austrian counties. The wild ride through the islands plunges the visitors in a life defying search for the elusive Austrian Whale.

The Moby Dick Ride is located in the MQ, right in the town’s centre and is guided by Friedrich von Ledebur himself.

Dear visitor!

Your heart will pound. Your survival instincts will be on overload. Prepare to be caught in the middle of a terrifying struggle between a wooden ship and a bigger than life Austrian Whale. There’s something in the water…Come face-to-face with the largest animal to ever live in the Austrian Empire.

Hold on tight, The Moby Dick Joy Ride is fast, furious and supercharged.

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