The Bruno Kreisky Lookalike


A Sitcom in 10 episodes

Episode 1 – 3
Nov 17 – 24, 2018 , 7.30 pm
WUK Währingerstraße 59, 1090 Vienna

Hermann Swoboda is an insurance broker who eats more Greek salad than the average Greek citizen in a desperate attempt to lose weight. He also hates his current life and bitch about it in his weekly psychoanalysis meeting.

Critical Mass is a leading Austrian advertising agency desperately looking to expand their market share. Their own commissioned research shows that the most trusted personality in Austria is still Bruno Kreisky. They devise a plan to feature a Bruno Kreisky look alike in their advertisement campaigns.

Hermann Swoboda happens to look like Bruno Kreisky. A marriage of convenience occurs. The insurance broker gets to live a new life as a minor celebrity aka The Bruno Kreisky look alike. Critical Mass cashes in by selling all things Kreisky.

The Bruno Kreisky Look Alike is a fake Netflix sitcom, filmed in Austria for an international audience.

The Bruno Kreisky look-alike is part of the real fiction cycle