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The New Old Cycle
Some Notes on The New Old Cycle
* Imagine for a second your reaction if we would have told you that this concept was written on an old Underwood typewriting machine. You would probably think how romantic, or how old-fashioned, or where did you get the ink from? Is it a rebellious act […]

Real Fiction 
One of the first things rejected by the theatrical avant-garde as part of the oppressive nature of literary or bourgeois realism was dialogue. The side effect was, of course, the demise of the classical story structure. This attitude was true in the 60s, and it is true of much of performance art today. The […]

56 pg., published by toxic dreams, 2008
No ISBN, you can send us an email and we will send you a book.

56 pg., published by toxic dreams, 2010
No ISBN, you can send us an email and we will send you a book.

by Timotheus Tomicek (photos and design) and Yosi Wanunu (concept and text)
based on Anton Chekhovs play Uncle Vanya
60 pg, hard cover
published by Fotohof edition, 2009
ISBN 978-3-902675-38-5
Eur 18,-
You can order the book in every bookstore in Europe and the US or via online stores, e.g. ebay, pictopia comics, Salon für Kunstbuch and many others.

The Political Cycle
First Thoughts
With the political cycle our intention is to use found material and then devise it and adapt it to the stage. By found material we mean contemporary and up to date news texts, political and social speeches, interviews both by us and other sources, incidents that occur around the time of the […]