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After the End and Before the Beginning

A Video Installation

Do you sometimes find yourself thinking, after watching a performance or a film, or after finishing a book, where does the story go from here? How does it continue after The End? What happens to the characters you just spent some time with? Did they live happily […]

The Art of Asking Your Boss for a Raise

Text by Georges Perec

adapted to the stage by Yosi Wanunu

The Art of Asking Your Boss for a Raise is a hilarious account of an employee losing his identity, and possibly his/her sanity, as he/she tries to put on the most acceptable face for the corporate world, […]

The adventure of Yoli Balulu and his gang of misfits


What’s your story?

The premise

The semi-famous Viennese experimental director Yoli Balulu decided to stop doing performance art. He is fad-up with the art scene, with its inability to find a large audience and affect a political change. Deep inside him, and please don’t tell anyone, Balulu always […]