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Elevator Symphony
Manuals for Modern Living
The story of Fred Last, a self appointed poet of the underground, otherwise known in the avantgarde circles as the Austrian Una Bomber. In addition to writing poems, prose, philosophy books and manifestos, all self published, […]


Toxic Davos
A get-together
The event took place on Dec 4, 2 – 10 pm in brut Künstlerhaus, Vienna. A sort of performance/symposium, it was a mix of discussions, small lecture performances, expert’s views, video screenings and an open “town hall” conversation between artists and audience members. […]

If life is advancing at an amazing speed, why are we still learning about it the old-fashioned way? A day in a life of a building. The facade is cut so the […]

Intellectual Property
Mr. Lincoln Goes to Prater
A Sci-Fi musical/opera built around the Department of Artificial Live Entertainment (ALE). A disorienting laboratory of past and future, fictional and historical, technology and philosophy, reality and madness, time and death, sin and salvation. […]

Angel Remedies
A woman meets her angel. She is looking for simple answers but the angel is confused and what was supposed to be a question-and-answer-session becomes a conversation of questions. Nothing else happens… only a stream of memories, thoughts, revelations of life’s accidents.
A series […]


In the last few years we’ve been working with kids/young adults on what one can term: ‘the creative impulse’; which mean, we put the working on one’s craft as a secondary practice, optioning first to challenge kids/young […]

Tea with Gertrude and Alice
An evening with Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas, both played by the same actress live and on video monitors. The text is a collage of Stein’s writing with an emphasis on […]

The Big Event, part […]

The American Princess
A movie is being made. The money for it comes from a mysterious producer who goes by the name The American Princess. The movie centers around the life of the exiled king Bonifazius. The stage is […]

The 100 % Environmentally Friendly Show
Greeting, visitors and welcome to the Galaxy Amusement Laboratory. Our facilities […]