The Deadpan Dynamites

The Art of the Gag

A co-production between toxic dreams and WTKB

Two male performers, not so young, not so skinny, are on stage. The above description of their bodies is important since they will try to execute some Gags that were originally performed by young and trained comedians. The discrepancy between their age, physical appearance, their lack of training, the fact that they have no skills when it comes to physical comedy is the center point of departure for the experiment and the show.

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5-7 August 9pm, 2019. Schauspielhaus, Vienna.

ImPulsTanz / Vienna International Dance Festival

The Bruno Kreisky Lookalike


A Sitcom in 10 episodes

Episode 7 – 10
January 2020
WUK Währingerstraße 59, 1090 Vienna

The sitcom The Bruno Kreisky lookalike is a huge rating success. The network decides to commission 4 new episodes. The adventure of Hermann Swoboda as the Bruno Kreisky look-alike continues. New twists and turns, new advertising campaigns, new personal conflicts, new cast members. Austria is falling in love with Hermann Swoboda.

The premise

Hermann Swoboda is an insurance broker who eats more Greek salad than the average Greek citizen in a desperate attempt to lose weight. He also hates his current life and bitch about it in his weekly psychoanalysis meeting.

Critical Mass is a leading Austrian advertising agency desperately looking to expand their market share. Their own commissioned research shows that the most trusted personality in Austria is still Bruno Kreisky. They devise a plan to feature a Bruno Kreisky look alike in their advertisement campaigns.

Hermann Swoboda happens to look like Bruno Kreisky. A marriage of convenience occurs. The insurance broker gets to live a new life as a minor celebrity aka The Bruno Kreisky lookalike. Critical Mass cashes in by selling all things, Kreisky.

The Bruno Kreisky Look Alike is a fake Netflix sitcom, filmed in Austria for an international audience.

The Bruno Kreisky look-alike is part of the real fiction cycle