It’s always foggy in Vienna (working title)

We are currently developing a new production, working title: It’s always foggy in Vienna. It’s always Foggy is the second instalment of our multi-year project, recounting the story of a single apartment building in Vienna. Workshop presentation December 9/10 2016, Projected final showing dates April 2017.

For more info go to It’s always foggy in Vienna


It’s always foggy in Vienna is part of the new  old cycle 


Our next production: 

Morton Feldman Says 


In Morton Feldman Says we would like to put the loud, brash, at times slightly vulgar Feldman at centre stage. Or to be precise,  we would like to put the man behind the music, with all of his unpretentiousness and gentle subversiveness, for an hour of examination.

Tanzquartier Wien Februar 2-4 2017

For more info go to Morton Feldman Says