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I dance therefore I talk
Meditations on Social choreography
Social choreography
“Metaphors are useful. They make you see things. Take ‘The world is a stage’ for example. It’s just a picture. But it allows you to observe […]

Driving Mr Kennedy 
An afterthought / a refill
(for the short films go to Driving Mr. Kennedy)
On November 22, 2013, the 50th anniversary of JFK assassination, we drove […]

X Wohnungen/X Apartments
X Wohnungen / X Apartments is a site-specific project that follows two unique guided tours through the „Stuwerviertel“, part of the 2nd district (Leopoldstadt) in Vienna. Each tour consists of seven performances, events […]


The amazing toxic dreams and their cast of sad clowns
The Circus of Life […]


The Mechanical Paradise
Welcome to our world of cardboard dreams, painted fantasies, shabby costumes, beat-up performers and cheap adventures. Our moon is made of […]

Life of the Party
Think of it as a journey through parties, life time parties. The party man, think of him as Zelig, keeps showing off in party after party unannounced and with no invitation. With his stories, dance moves and the ability to […]

It’s Always Sunny in Vienna
It is 1912, in the spacious apartment on the ground floor, the writer K.K. Is rehearsing the performance/reading of his new creation: Nestroy and Posterity. It is 2015, in the three bedroom apartment across the […]

You toxic tube/dance
Learn how to dance without all the artsy crap.
In 2008 we learned how to act without all the artsy crap; which meant we taped into the net and watched all the “how to act” clips and proceeded to copy […]

(photos:christine miess)
Home of the not so brave
Stories from apartment number 12
Home of the not so brave  is the second instalment of our multi-year project, recounting the story of a single apartment.
Before we get into a description of the second instalment, we would like to say some words about the first one. Part 1, It’s […]

Ich Sterbe/I’m Dying/Я умираю
For the last installment of the ‘Realism or Uncle Vanya’ project (Vanya 3) we take a detour; instead of another deconstruction of the play, we tell a […]