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A Portrait of a Poet as a Rightwing Leader
May 12 – 14 and May 16 – 18, 2018, TAG Theater, Vienna.
A portrait of the punk, the Russian Forrest Gump, the poet, the professional revolutionary, the ultra-nationalist party leader.
Limonov is the true story of the decline and fall of a man who once seemed poised to become […]

The Church of Warren Buffett
“Every day is exciting to us; no wonder we tap-dance to work”
(Warren Buffett)
The background
Somewhere in the 80ies, Forbes’ […]

(The Whale that swallowed Austria)
Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Moby Dick ride, the Austrian version. In the period just preceding the Second World War, the famous American film director John Huston created a masterpiece based on a book by the same name. One of the film’s stars was a little […]


The Big Event Part 1, 2, 3 – Director’s Cut
The Big Event Part 1, 2, 3 – Director’s Cut is the final instalment of our long term project concerning the 60’s in general, and JFK’s assassination in particular. The […]

Morton Feldman Says
It is often thought that John Cage was the most significant composer to loose our Western ears from traditional modes of listening. However, it was Morton Feldman who, through pieces lasting anywhere between one and a half minutes and one and a half hours, first revealed a delight in the momentary presence of […]

The History of the World in 7 days
The show took place Monday 10 to Sunday 16, June 2013, Brut […]

There’s a Rumble in the Jungle 
Theatre is evil, Radio is good
Click here to listen to the live streaming, broadcast live by the ORF, 16.11.14 Rumble in the Jungle
“There’s too much nudity on TV, and not enough on the radio.”
Jarod Kintz, […]

I dance therefore I talk
Meditations on Social choreography
Social choreography
“Metaphors are useful. They make you see things. Take ‘The world is a stage’ for example. It’s just a picture. But it allows you to observe […]

Driving Mr Kennedy 
An afterthought / a refill
(for the short films go to Driving Mr. Kennedy)
On November 22, 2013, the 50th anniversary of JFK assassination, we drove […]