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In the last few years we’ve been working with kids/young adults on what one can term: ‘the creative impulse’; which mean, we put the working on one’s craft as a secondary practice, optioning first to challenge kids/young […]

Tea with Gertrude and Alice
An evening with Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas, both played by the same actress live and on video monitors. The text is a collage of Stein’s writing with an emphasis on […]

The Big Event, part […]

The American Princess
A movie is being made. The money for it comes from a mysterious producer who goes by the name The American Princess. The movie centers around the life of the exiled king Bonifazius. The stage is […]

The 100 % Environmentally Friendly Show
Greeting, visitors and welcome to the Galaxy Amusement Laboratory. Our facilities […]

What Did He See?
Theme and variations: An angry man, disillusioned and weary of life, nevertheless sustains the blind faith that something amazing and beautiful will emerge from the chaos surrounding him.
A catalogue of […]

One Evening Exhibition
A toxic dreams Edutainment
Garage Sale or Things from the Attic
In Yiddish the word attic means boydem – which refers to things one put in the attic because one no longer wishes to see, or one no longer wishes others to hear. […]

Buster’s Headache
The performance centers around two short movies by Buster Keaton – “One Week” and “Neighbors”. The movies are projected on a large screen and simutaneously an action takes place on stage. In addition a video treatment of the movies is projected […]

What do you really want?
the show took place in October 17-19, 2013, Brut Kunstlerhaus Vienna.
Audience participation in theatre is of course nothing new. Just a century ago, the Futurist Filippo Marinetti came […]

Raumschiff Erde
An installation for kids and young adults that deals with the topics of the environment and global warming.
Raumschiff Erde is a large size installation (14m x 8m) of Planet Earth’s geographical map. The […]