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Titus Andronicus 2
The character of Titus is the center of the events unfold. The events that led to the cooking scene […]

Valie Export’s Understudy
A Reformulation of “Restringierter Code”
A cover version of a performance/video by Valie Export from 1979.
The performance took place in Kubus EXPORT – a transparent […]

Titus Andronicus 1
A Pile of Rubbish
14 killings, 9 of them on stage, 6 severed members, 1 rape (or 2 or 3, depending on how you count), 1live burial, 1 case of insanity and 1 of cannibalism – an average of 5.2 atrocities […]

Dolly in Wonderland
A Lecture Demonstration
A series of “scientific experiments”. Three performers are conducting live operations on props, puppets, dead animals, on themselves and on each other’s bodies. Biotechnology, genetic engineering and the hysteria, fiction, real facts and the myth that surrounds these topics are put on the operating table. Dolly in Wonderland is more a […]

Elevator Symphony
Manuals for Modern Living
The story of Fred Last, a self appointed poet of the underground, otherwise known in the avantgarde circles as the Austrian Una Bomber. In addition to writing poems, prose, philosophy books and manifestos, all self published, […]


Toxic Davos
A get-together
The event took place on Dec 4, 2 – 10 pm in brut Künstlerhaus, Vienna. A sort of performance/symposium, it was a mix of discussions, small lecture performances, expert’s views, video screenings and an open “town hall” conversation between artists and audience members. […]

If life is advancing at an amazing speed, why are we still learning about it the old-fashioned way? A day in a life of a building. The facade is cut so the […]

Intellectual Property
Mr. Lincoln Goes to Prater
A Sci-Fi musical/opera built around the Department of Artificial Live Entertainment (ALE). A disorienting laboratory of past and future, fictional and historical, technology and philosophy, reality and madness, time and death, sin and salvation. […]

Angel Remedies
A woman meets her angel. She is looking for simple answers but the angel is confused and what was supposed to be a question-and-answer-session becomes a conversation of questions. Nothing else happens… only a stream of memories, thoughts, revelations of life’s accidents.
A series […]


In the last few years we’ve been working with kids/young adults on what one can term: ‘the creative impulse’; which mean, we put the working on one’s craft as a secondary practice, optioning first to challenge kids/young […]